Midway Trading Co. was established in 2017 but the idea behind it had been brewing for a long time. It all started many years ago while my husband Evin and I were rocking on the front porch one summer evening, and dreaming of what it would be like to have a store similar to Tom and Maggie’s (names you’ll hear on a regular basis- more about them to come) but with a modern twist. At the time this was nothing but a dream, but little did we know a seed was planted that evening and it would soon sprout. 

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Here’s a little history for you- our store has many names attached to it, you’ll most commonly hear it referred to as “Tom and Maggie’s”, the “Flinchum store”, or “Pine Grove Service Station” but all in all, there’s one heart behind it. Tom and Maggie built the store in the late 1940’s where not only did they operate a “modern general store” on the bottom level, but they also lived upstairs. The store has served as a Gulf Service Station, a general store, and a wildlife check in center, but most importantly it’s been a gathering place in our community and continues to be. ( just ask the gentlemen who gather here every morning for coffee) Here at Midway Trading Co. you’ll find the infamous hoop cheese, local/handmade goods, general store merchandise (such as glass bottled drinks and novelty candies from your childhood: the candy cigarettes are a personal favorite), antique/vintage finds, and much more!


"Our prayer is that you’ll love this place as much as we do
and that we are making Tom and Maggie proud."


"Stopped by here for the first time today. It’s a very unique spot with lots of cool stuff. Everything from soaps and candles to antiques and Moon Pies. The staff were so nice to me and my two young boys who were tagging along! Looking forward to coming in again!"

—  MEgan Caulder


Have some questions before you stop by? Shoot us a message, we would love to hear from you!

10600 nc  hwy 24/27, carthage, north carolina 28327

(910) 638-1806

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10600 nc hwy 24/27, carthage, north carolina 28327

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